Cami dress: Love at Topshop
Kimono: H&M
Necklace: thrifted from Sodermalm in Stockholm
Rings (right to left): Asos/Miss Selfridge/Accessorize

Oh god it’s been ages since I’ve updated, I’ve been swamped with other commitments (read: coursework and upcoming exams) ever since my holiday in Croatia ended! 

Today I’m rocking innerwear as outerwear, which is seeing a revival from the 90s. The cami dress is especially prominent in the comeback - I really like how the stars of the 90s wore it really casually (like this iconic photo of Jennifer Aniston). It’s also a great basic piece to dress down or up. For instance, I glammed it up a bit with a flowy kimono from H&M, which is one of my most versatile pieces for the spring/summer season. I’m currently on the lookout for a basic short sleeved shirt that I can wear under this cami dress for the summer!

Hope everyone is doing well! x

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