Cami dress: Love at Topshop
Kimono: H&M
Necklace: thrifted from Sodermalm in Stockholm
Rings (right to left): Asos/Miss Selfridge/Accessorize

Oh god it’s been ages since I’ve updated, I’ve been swamped with other commitments (read: coursework and upcoming exams) ever since my holiday in Croatia ended! 

Today I’m rocking innerwear as outerwear, which is seeing a revival from the 90s. The cami dress is especially prominent in the comeback - I really like how the stars of the 90s wore it really casually (like this iconic photo of Jennifer Aniston). It’s also a great basic piece to dress down or up. For instance, I glammed it up a bit with a flowy kimono from H&M, which is one of my most versatile pieces for the spring/summer season. I’m currently on the lookout for a basic short sleeved shirt that I can wear under this cami dress for the summer!

Hope everyone is doing well! x

urban--y0uth said: Hey! I just wanted to say I'm a really big fan of your blog and I recently just started up my own fashion blog. I love all your looks and just your style in general! No really sure there a point in this message but oh well haha

Wow, thanks so much for this message! Glad to know that people actually read this blog regularly haha, although I think I talk about really boring things over here :x

All the best with your own fashion blog, dearie. xx

Shirt: Pull & Bear
Cami Dress: Primark
Shoes: Toms

It’s been a while! I’ve just come back from my Easter break to Croatia, which I’ve documented on my instagram, and really had a fabulous trip. As you can see, the weather was warm and sunny enough to bare legs, and the sea was absolutely stunning.

Croatia is one of the most beautiful coastal regions I’ve visited, and is very atypical in the sense that the more ‘modern’ facilities are all densely packed in the middle of all the rustic wilderness. I really liked the old/new vibe it maintained! Also, it’s got such a wide variety of food (and drinks, hehe), with strong Mediterranean influences. I had really fresh seafood and great Italian food (which I normally dislike - maybe I’m getting over that), plus the drinks came cheap! As good as the prices in England.

Here, I’m wearing my latest Primark buy (I love that place) and a shirt I bought especially for this trip. I thought this outfit would be a nice cover-up at the beach / casual outfit out, even though I didn’t actually swim that much!

I’m sadly back at uni now, and have a lot of catching up to do. Have a good Easter weekend, everyone x

Headband: Primark
Dress and Bag: Asos
Shoes: Chinese Laundry
Pendant necklace: Vintage

Mad props to the Committee of SSSM for putting up such a personal, meaningful Graduation Dinner for the Class of 2014 :) I absolutely love my real vinyl (a party gift) and plan on using it as a message board for my new apartment this autumn. The food was really good as well, not sure if Palace Hotel upped their game or if it was just the fact that I managed to have a good sit-down dinner, instead of running all over the place like last time!

I go pretty wild for anything vintage, so I did my best to stick to the theme of old Hollywood glam with last night’s look. The heels and bag are staples in my wardrobe, and the pearl headband is the most functional thing I’ve ever bought (I use it to gym!). The dress was an impulse buy and I think I’ve only worn it once or twice, since it’s pretty hard to match/pull off, but it fits in nicely with the fondant fancies trend in SS14 and makes for a nice dinner outfit.

As of now, school is over and I’m packing all my summer gear for Croatia! I went a bit trigger-happy with my debit card and bought so many beachy things in anticipation of the weather. Too excited; do keep a look out for photos and posts on Croatia.

How is everyone spending their Easter holidays? x

Brick Lane Grafitti

Sunglasses: Singapore
Blazer: H&M
Dress: Monki
Boots: Asos
Bag: Charles & Keith

Don’t judge, but I’ve just figured out how to add a title to my blog updates by changing the type of post! Anyways, I went down to London over the weekend to attend Singapore Day 2014 and nom my way through the culinary treats I’ve been seeing on my Facebook feed (more on that later!). I love the city and always look forward to going there - it’s got the best food in the UK, in my opinion, and there are always little surprises in store, like the warm, sunny weather this past weekend.

I used for the first time ever, and lodged at an artist’s little apartment near Bethnal Green. It was my first time in East London, and though it was a bit dodgy and far-flung, I had a great time exploring the surrounding area. In particular, Brick Lane was a great place for a coffee and bagel, and full of vintage stores and graffiti like the one in the photo above!

I kind of regret wearing black on that day, especially with the heat, oops. x

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Dress: boohoo
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Dr. Martens

It’s been a while! I’ve unfortunately not had the chance to capture most of my outfits, since a) I rarely go out anymore and b) I never have a camera around! I’ve been so bogged down with coursework that I’ve been feeling so stressed lately, so I decided to treat myself with a dress from boohoo’s new collection. I’m really into gingham lately, and my wardrobe did seem to be lacking in the shirt-dress/smock dress department (excuses, excuses). 

I love this particular dress, it’s an instant style fix on its own - perfect for days when you have no idea what to wear or maybe only 5 minutes to get ready for school. I decided to go with oatmeal tights instead of my usual black ones to give it more of a preppy vibe, and did my hair in pigtails. My flatmates did comment on how much I resembled Japanese schoolgirls, but I’ll take that as a compliment! 

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone x

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ninefortyfiveam said: Aaah!! It's so cool that you're a law student! I love your style! :) (private)

Aw there’s nothing special about being a law student, it’s quite hard work tbh but I do enjoy what I’m studying. And thank you for such kind words :)

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Blazer: Zara
Blouse: Pull & Bear
Scallop Shorts: Asos
Shoes: Zara

I haven’t updated for a while because of coursework and school, but I did have a lovely tea party at Great John Street Hotel over the weekend for the birthday of one of my best friend, Laura. It’s a great spot in Manchester with quaint interior design and a rooftop garden with its own hot tub! We were supposed to be sat outside for tea, but as usual, Manchester weather let us down and it was too chilly and grey. Nonetheless, the interior of the hotel is really kitsch and adorable with Victorian-era chairs and pink upholstering. The food is on the pricey side, but the brownies (£6.50 a la carte) are so dense and moist, definitely worth trying.

Here I’m channeling the pastel/monochrome trend (again!) with a new blazer from Zara - and on sale, too. I was lucky that they had my size! I was hoping to wear a white dress I haven’t had the chance to bring out yet, but I suppose it’ll have to wait. Back to coursework now!

How was everyone’s weekend? x

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Anonymous said: you are so fabulous wow

Not sure if this is meant to be sarcastic, but yes thanks darling I know xxxx

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Necklace; Top: The Editor’s Market in Singapore
Jeans: Asos
Shoes: Zara

Here comes the sun! Can you see that ray of sunshine which found its way onto my skin? So appropriate; I wore the crop top since it was such a lovely, sunny day out. It was really too bad that I had school and errands to run, or I would have been one of those people lazing around outside on the grass in the park just outside my house.

For those who have trouble, the trick to tackling the pastel trend without going overboard is to pair one pastel piece with more ordinary colours, like I did here. I do plan to do a full-on pastel look sometime this week, though, just to show that it can be done! I’m just waiting for some Asos treats I bought to arrive :)

Are you all out enjoying the sun today? x

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